How Secure is Your Cloud Infrastructure?

Take the assessment below to find out.

1. Have you identified specific security objectives and requirements?

2. Do you have infrastructure security policies in place?

3. Do your cloud security practices align with the regulatory or internal
compliance needs of your organization, prospects and customers?

4. Are you SOC-2 compliant or do you have a SOC-2 audit scheduled in the near future?

5. Are you able to quantify risk across all of your public cloud accounts?

6. Is your production cloud infrastructure segmented from your corporate, QA and development environments?

7. Can you quickly Identify instances that have been spun up in our
aws accounts outside of standard VPCs or regions?

8. Do you monitor your cloud hosts and infrastructure for risky misconfigurations?

9. Do you monitor your cloud hosts for anomalous user, process, and
file activity?

10. What kind of intrusion detection are you currently using?

11. Do you have a security incident response plan in place?

12. When a security incident happens, how long does it typically take to identify what happened and how you should proceed to resolve it?

13. When an incident occurs are you able to easily correlate events at the infrastructure and the host level to better understand what happened?

14. How often are you updating security patches for vulnerabilities?

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